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Lawsuits arising from construction contracts in return for flat, applications to be made within the scope of the LAW ON THE TRANSFORMATION OF AREAS UNDER THE RISK OF DISASTER, also known as the Urban Transformation Law in the public, and disputes arising from this law, deed cancellation and registration cases, applications to be made within the scope of the law known as the 2B Law in the public and this law Our office is valuable at the point of resolution of disputes, disputes arising from the Zoning Law, compensation cases arising from non-expropriation, liability cases arising from the land registry, collusion lawsuits, disputes arising from immovable property, compensation lawsuits, objection to cadastre determination and all other disputes related to real estate law. provides legal support to our clients.

Property Law and Real Estate


Property law is the field of law governing the various forms of ownership and ownership of property (land separately from personal or movable property) and personal property in the common property legal system. There is a division between movable and immovable property in the civil law system. Movable property roughly corresponds to personal property, while immovable property corresponds to immovable or immovable property, related rights and obligations.

The concept, intellectual or philosophy of property is under all property law. In some jurisdictions, historically all property belonged to the monarchy and was transferred by feudal landed ownership or other feudal systems of loyalty and loyalty.

Property rights are the rights of things that are enforceable against all other persons. Rather, contractual rights are enforceable against certain individuals. However, property rights can arise from a contract; two rights systems overlap. Regarding the sale of land, for example, two sets of legal relationships lie alongside each other: the contractual right to compensation and the right to property on the land can be applied. Fewer property rights can be created by contract, such as auctions, contracts, and equity servitude.

There is a distinct distinction that the rights granted are not sufficiently significant to give the non-proprietor a clear interest or right to the contract. The clearest example of these rights is license. In general, even if licenses are created by a binding contract, they do not give rise to property interests.

Land for Flat Contract – Istanbul Lawyer

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about Real Estate Law is the Land in Exchange Agreement. People may want to utilize their land and sell it to a contractor. In these and similar cases, a transaction is made on the land with a Land for Flat Contract that will ensure the assurance of every party. In such cases, you need to have a lawyer experienced in real estate and land in return for flat contracts in order to avoid damage in the long term. Istanbul Lawyer Orhan Boran is the person you are looking for as a Real Estate Lawyer. If you are looking for an Istanbul lawyer experienced in real estate and wondering who is the Best Istanbul Lawyer, Real Estate Lawyer Orhan Boran should be your first visit. Contact him now.