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Our office at the point of follow-up of the lawsuits (labor and compensation receivables), reemployment cases, disputes arising from the Social Insurance Law, service determination cases, providing consultancy services to employers in the preparation of employment contracts and resolution of all other disputes arising from Labor Law. provides legal support to our valued clients.

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As a result of the competitive infrastructure of the business world, the environment where employers employ workers can be bad. In addition, the non-use of legally acquired rights frequently arises as a result of this situation. The fields of law are divided according to the basic subjects and labor law was born as a result of these divisions. The labor lawyer who deals with the labor law practices acts as a bridge between the employee and the employer within the framework of the determined laws.

What do Labor Cases and Business Cases Cover?

Labor law mediates the resolution of disputes between the employee and the employer in the light of labor law. At the top of these issues are the main issues such as severance pay, notice pay, wage receivable, overtime, reemployment lawsuit, bad faith compensation, union compensation, non-equal treatment compensation, annual leave pay. Lawyers who provide mediation services without ignoring the interests of the employers and not preventing the exercise of workers’ rights are known as labor lawyers.

The preparation of the employment contracts signed between the employee and the employer, the implementation of this contract, and the settlement of the disputes between the employer and the employee arising from the implementation of the contract are carried out through the labor lawyer. After the filed cases are evaluated according to the labor law, they are heard and decided at the Labor Court.

How Long Can a Labor Law Attorney Get Worker Claims?

Compensation is often the basis of labor law cases. In order to pay less tax, the employer may be less likely to reflect wages, not show severance pay or pay overtime wages. Such situations are common. The way to shorten the process is to prove the fee received or not paid with witnesses and evidence. Only this way can transactions be shortened. A good business case lawyer can reduce the process up to 6 months.

Although it varies according to the amount of receivables, sometimes this period may cover 12 months or more. Factors such as the local court’s finalization of the case or referral to a higher court can also be added to the duration. Therefore, the presence of evidence will be the most important factor. Monetary matters between employer and employee are protected by law.

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