Enforcement Law

Our office provides legal support to our valued clients at the point of execution of enforcement proceedings, cancellation of savings, complaint of non-attachment, appeal to appraisal, objection to enforcement proceedings, negative-determination, bankruptcy proceedings and lawsuits, remuneration and resolution of any disputes arising from the Enforcement-Bankruptcy Law. Enforcement Lawyer Orhan Boran provides all kinds of legal support to your esteemed clients on enforcement and bankruptcy law.

Bankruptcy Concept and Process

One of the methods for collecting monetary debts is to initiate bankruptcy proceedings against the debtor. Creditors may choose to initiate bankruptcy proceedings in order to initiate enforcement proceedings; As a result of bankruptcy, all debts, including future debts, will become due and all debtor assets will be liquidated to cover creditors. However, bankruptcy filings typically take more than a year because of commercial courts in Turkey, some creditors are deterred from seeking the bankruptcy of the debtor.

Bankruptcy proceedings can only be initiated against merchants. In the presence of monetary debts, merchant creditors may initiate enforcement or bankruptcy proceedings in front of the enforcement offices. The creditors may also request the debtor to go bankrupt in competent commercial courts in the following cases: If the debtor does not have a permanent address; if the debtor is hiding to avoid paying debts; the debtor engages in or attempts to engage in fraudulent practices that violate the rights of creditors; If the debtor conceals its assets during enforcement proceedings; If the creditors are informed expressly or implicitly by the debtor that their receivables will never be paid; If the proposed concordat is not given or the concordat period is canceled or terminated; if the debt cannot be paid through the execution of the court decision; If capital companies have indebtedness; if the restructuring has ended by conciliation or violation of the project.

Istanbul Enforcement Lawyer

Lawyer Orhan Boran works as a lawyer throughout Istanbul, especially in Bakırköy, Şişli and Beşiktaş districts. Istanbul Enforcement Lawyer Orhan Boran has been a successful executive lawyer with years of business knowledge and experience and has become the favorite of those seeking Istanbul Enforcement Lawyer. Contact Enforcement Lawyer Istanbul Attorney Orhan Boran to get the information you want about enforcement and bankruptcy cases and processes.