Lawyer Orhan Boran – Attorney At Law

Since 2004, Lawyer Orhan Boran has been serving both corporate and individual clients in the fields of Real Estate Law, Consumer Law, Enforcement-Bankruptcy Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Labor Law, Compensation Law, especially in litigation law and legal consultancy. It is one of the favorite choices of those who are still looking for Istanbul Law Offices. He also serves as Istanbul Divorce Advocate and Sisli Divorce Advocate.

Elektrolux Inc., Ariston Ltd., Tarman (Bluehouse) Inc., ING Bank. Are some of the client companies that provided legal services in the past. It provides legal support to companies and medical centers operating in various fields.

Lawyer Orhan Boran, who has held various meetings and symposiums in the defense of consumer rights, has made Fi Yapı, Ukra Yapı, Bulut İnşaat, Osmanlı İnşaat, Makrom İnşaat etc. He acts as the advocate and legal counsel of the victims against such companies. He also provides legal counseling in association activities for mass housing victims. He continues his services under the roof of Boran & Üner Law and Consultancy with Lawyer Penbe Üner Keskin.

Istanbul Legal Lawyer Offices – Istanbul Lawyer

With his service appealing to the whole of Istanbul, Attorney Orhan Boran has obtained a very successful and full reference with his clients he has worked with in the past and proved himself. Providing legal support in many areas such as Family Law, Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Lawyer Orhan Boran is the first choice of those seeking Istanbul Law Offices. Orhan Boran, who is one of the first names to reach divorce lawyer in Şişli and its surroundings, has also specialized in Family Law.

Istanbul and Şişli Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Cases is a process that requires professional legal support, regardless of its type. It can sometimes be difficult to find an expert lawyer and a law firm with reference. In such cases, it is very important to find the person who will solve you in the shortest and safest way. A Şişli Divorce Advocate and Istanbul Divorce Lawyer who are competent in their job and who are capable of all kinds of scenarios and situations are the person you are looking for. Providing legal support in Şişli district of Istanbul, Lawyer Orhan Boran continues to be one of the first choices of those seeking divorce lawyer. Contact him now.