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Title deed cancellation registration cases arising from prepaid sales contracts signed between consumers and sellers within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Consumers (Our Office, to our consumers who suffered from the titles of Osmanlı İnşaat, Bulut İnşaat, Evviva Blt İnşaat, Fi-Yapı, Makrom, Di-Yapı, Vera Group has been providing legal support for years.)

Following the disputes arising from the sale of defective products, applying to the Consumer Arbitration Committees for the collection of the unfairly collected amounts from the consumers, the execution of the decisions of the Consumer Arbitration Board and the filing of the lawsuits, our office provides legal support to our valued clients at the point of all other disputes arising from the Consumer Law.

Consumer Rights

In regulatory jurisdictions that provide Consumer Law (a list of most or all developed countries with a free market economy). It is a group of laws and organizations designed to ensure consumer protection, consumer rights, fair trade, competition and accurate information. The laws are designed to prevent businesses involved in fraud or certain practices from gaining an advantage over their competitors. They can also provide additional protection for the most vulnerable in society. Consumer protection laws are a form of government regulation aimed at protecting consumer rights. For example, the government may require it to disclose product-related information (in areas where safety or public health is an issue such as food).

Consumer protection depends on the idea of ​​consumer rights and how consumers make better choices in the marketplace. It also depends on the creation of consumer organizations that help them get help with consumer complaints. There are other organizations that encourage consumer protection. E.g; government agencies and consumer protection agencies and organizations, ombudsmen.

A consumer is defined as a person purchasing goods or services for direct use or property rather than resale or use in production and manufacturing. [one]

Consumer interests can be protected by promoting competition in markets that serve consumers directly and indirectly, consistent with economic efficiency, but this issue is addressed in competition law.

Consumer protection can also be claimed as consumer activism through non-governmental organizations and individuals.

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