Compensation Law

In accordance with the Code of Obligations, our office provides legal support to our valued clients at the point of solving all other disputes arising from the Compensation Law, compensation for breach of contract, compensation for tort, disputes regarding special contract types, material and moral compensation, disputes arising from commercial sales contracts.

Compensation in Business Law

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage changes and health benefits to employees injured during employment in exchange for the mandatory termination of the employee’s right to sue the employer for negligence. The relationship between assurance, limited coverage, and the lack of recourse outside of the workers’ compensation system is known as the “compensation price”. One of the problems where the compensation bargain is resolved is the problem of employers going bankrupt as a result of high damage payments. To prevent this, a collective responsibility system has been established to provide compensation assurance to the workers. Individual immunity is a necessary consequence of collective liability.

While the plans differ between jurisdictions, allowances may be made for weekly payments (in this case acting as an incapacity insurance), compensation for economic loss (past and future), payment or payment (functioning) of medical and similar expenses, instead of salaries. In this case as a form of health insurance) and benefits payable to dependents of workers who die during employment.

Law of Torts – Compensation Case – Compensation Lawyer

These cases can be quite complicated at times. In such cases, trying to act alone will not solve you and will openly create new problems. You must find a compensation lawyer before proceeding with a lawsuit against you or a compensation lawsuit that you wish to file against the other party. To find a good compensation lawyer, you should pay close attention to their references and experience. An experienced compensation lawyer who does his job correctly must be someone who has previously served as a compensation lawyer. Compensation Lawyer Orhan Boran works to provide the necessary legal support to you, our esteemed clients, as a Compensation Lawyer in your compensation case processes. When it comes to business and compensation cases, your first priority should be to work with a law firm and lawyer where you can lean on your back and get through the legal process safely. Contact him right away.