Commercial Law

Establishment of companies and preparation of main contracts, mergers and acquisitions, preparation of general assemblies and infrastructure of companies, preparation of commercial contracts, legal consultancy for commercial companies, follow-up of lawsuits arising from Commercial Law, Unfair Competition lawsuits, termination of the partnership, termination of the company, transfer of the commercial enterprise Our office provides legal support to our esteemed clients in resolving all other disputes arising from and commercial law.

Commercial law, also known as labor law or corporate law, is a legal system applied to many countries. It is also a body of law that applies to the rights, relationships and behavior of persons and businesses engaged in trade and sales. It is generally considered a branch of civil law and deals with both private law and public law matters.

Commercial law includes titles such as main and representative within its compass; transport by land and sea; commercial shipping; warranty; marine, fire, life and accident insurance; such as stock exchange, negotiable documents, contracts and partnership invoices. It can also be understood to regulate corporate contracts, recruitment practices, and the production and sale of consumer goods. Many countries have adopted civil laws that contain comprehensive expressions of commercial law.

Commercial Lawyer – Istanbul Attorney at Law and Legal Consultant


Commercial lawyers are lawyers who advise companies and governments on business matters.

This encompasses a wide range of work, and commercial law firms are divided into what are known as areas of practice where lawyers specialize in a particular type of business.

Dispute resolution lawyers advise clients on the law regarding their disputes and dispute resolution strategy.

If these disputes go into formal proceedings, they prepare the necessary legal documents and guide their clients through a hearing or other hearings.

Some senior dispute resolution lawyers can act as arbitrators or intermediaries.

Dispute resolution attorneys also advise their transactional colleagues on how to avoid or minimize the negative effects of potential future disputes regarding their clients’ dealings.

If you are faced with a legal process in the field of Commercial Law, it is very normal to seek commercial lawyers. It means you need to find a good commercial law lawyer who works as a business lawyer. In your search for Commercial Litigation Lawyers, the commercial lawyer you are looking for should be an experienced and a broad portfolio of lawyers. You can contact Commercial Lawyer Orhan Boran immediately.